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How to Explain Bullying to your Frozen Obsessed Child

Bullying, it’s a four letter word in most parenting circles. The thought of their child getting bullied is many parents’ biggest fears. Unfortunately most kids will encounter it at least a couple of times in their lives. For us it happened at the tender age of three, when one of our daughter’s friends turned into […]

princess tiana

Opinions and Halloween Candy

This Halloween our three year old decided to be Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Frog Prince. She also decided our dog would be her frog prince. We were thrilled with her idea. Princess Tiana is a hard working entrepreneur and many of her struggles mirror our family’s because for the past year and a half […]

Davlight Savings Sucks!

When Toddlers are Right

Over the weekend, we tried to explain Daylight Savings and time changes to our daughter. When she wasn’t pleased with our answers we googled it. When she wasn’t pleased with Wikipedia’s answers we were stumped and got to listen to her ask, “Why!?!”, for the rest of the evening. (more…)


Catching Rain

Amelia is convinced umbrellas are for catching rain so now when we go outside she holds the umbrella upside down and screams, “I got you rain”. It’s cute but she gets soaking wet and if it’s chilly outside she starts to shiver. She’ll complain about being cold but when I tell her maybe if she […]


Shaking it Off

Right now we are going to the playground about 4 times a day. The weather is nice and I like to spend as much time outside of our apartment before the temperature drops! (more…)