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Soccer Class

Amelia loves soccer and many people have commented to me that she is really good at it. I never played soccer when I was a kid so I don’t know where she gets her skills. She has been begging me to put her in a soccer class but now that she is in full day […]

No Pictures

Today Amelia went to school wearing some cute blue pants and a yellow bow. She looked adorable and I would love to show you a picture but I can’t because she the second I pulled out my camera she screamed, “NO!” (more…)

Super Amelia!

Super Amelia

If Amelia is dressed as a superhero and you call her “spiderman”, “superman”, or “wonder woman” she yells back, “No, I’m Super Amelia!” (more…)

Be happy!

Happy Dance

One of the best things about hanging out with a three year old all day, is that they are happy for most of the time. Yes, three year olds throw irrational temper tantrums sometimes but for the most part they are able to smile and laugh for very simple reasons. (more…)

Amelia Misses her Friends


Amelia has been experiencing a lot of a new emotions lately. A couple of months ago she started to use the word miss. She misses her schools friends, teachers, relatives and friends that live in other states, she even misses the snow. The first time she used the word miss it shocked me. How grown-up […]