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louis ck


If you’re a woman and a guy’s ever said anything romantic to you, he just left off the second part that would have made you sick if you could have heard it. ~Louis C. K. This quote was selected just for you by The Comedians’ Club of New York.

family-halloween-7 (1)


On Halloween, we wanted to do something awesome and unique to New York so we went trick or treating at The Natural History Museum. It was so much fun watching the cute kids in their costumes next to giant dinosaur fossils. We also heard a rumor that celebs like Olivia the Pig and Clifford the […]

A loves making wishes.


A just learned how to make wishes in fountains and it is her favorite thing to do. She wants to throw pennies in every fountain she sees. When I tell I am done giving her pennies she begs for just one more to make a wish for Freckles, then daddy, and then Mommy. She gets […]