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Amelia Misses her Friends


Amelia has been experiencing a lot of a new emotions lately. A couple of months ago she started to use the word miss. She misses her schools friends, teachers, relatives and friends that live in other states, she even misses the snow. The first time she used the word miss it shocked me. How grown-up […]

Amelia is moving up!

New Class

Amelia had a wonderful first year of school. She made friends and her teachers were supportive and loving. I get teary eyed thinking about how much she grew and how happy I am that she had such a great experience. Now we are working on making her 2nd year of school a good one which […]


Last Friday, on the way to school I noticed my daughter limping. I asked her if she wanted to stay home and she said no. I took her shoes and pants off and looked for bruises ect. and found nothing. Then I put her shoes back on and we went out the door and she […]