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leaving new york

Leaving New York

It’s hard to believe my 14 year stint in New York is drawing to a close. I moved here as a bright eyed 16 year old from Kansas and I am leaving a jaded New Yorker who has had enough. (more…)


Pros & Cons

I am still feeling a bit sad about leaving New York. When I was a kid I had a teacher who told us when we were feeling sad about something new or were faced with a choice to make a list of the pros & cons. When we were done she had us compare which […]

new york city

On the Move

Amelia is finally sold on the move to Los Angeles. She still talks about missing her friends but whenever she complains about the cold I remind her it’s not cold in California. Today it’s -12 degrees so I think the perks of the move are finally sinking in. (more…)

A just wants the guitar!


I feel bad for posting these pictures of A crying but it shows her love of guitars…. The second we got to Uncle J’s house A ran to all his guitars. I was surprised that she remembered where they all were. When she found a guitar she liked she would drag it and scream, “JJJJJJJJJ […]