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new york city

On the Move

Amelia is finally sold on the move to Los Angeles. She still talks about missing her friends but whenever she complains about the cold I remind her it’s not cold in California. Today it’s -12 degrees so I think the perks of the move are finally sinking in. (more…)

puppy and girl

Bad Luck

Yesterday, I tweeted about needing good vibes and being tired of only getting bad luck. I just feel like there has been a dark cloud over us for the past year and we have only had bad things happen to our family. I am so over it and want only happy things to happen now. […]

Next week Amelia will be 3!

3 is the Magic Number

This weekend my family is coming in town for Amelia’s birthday party and next week my baby will be 3. Usually, I spend months planning her party and obsess about it. This year I planned it but didn’t have time to obsess because I am so busy with her schedule and opening up a comedy […]