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Amelia Misses her Friends


Amelia has been experiencing a lot of a new emotions lately. A couple of months ago she started to use the word miss. She misses her schools friends, teachers, relatives and friends that live in other states, she even misses the snow. The first time she used the word miss it shocked me. How grown-up […]

lost cat new york city


When I was a kid I was obsessed with turtles. Whenever I saw one I made my parents save it and adopt it. Well, now karma is coming back to get me but I think it is cute. We were walking down the street and Princess A pointed to a cat and started screaming. I […]

baby marlon brando mom blog


Princess A and Freckles have always had a special relationship. Maybe it is because they both like to chew things, play fetch, and eat food off the floor. I have also compared Princess A to Marlon Brando in the Godfather before but the way she has been handling Freckles lately makes the comparison even more […]

cat fluff


SuperGlamFan Jolijn sent me this cute picture of her cat Pluisje which means fluff in English. So cute… I think he would make a great friend for Dean. Stay Glamorous, Shannon Sutherland image via SuperGlamFan Jolijn