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The Year I Was Silent

A year ago my life was turned upside down. I went from blogging every day, to blogging 5 days a week, to blogging sporadically. I would like to blame the lack of blog posts on time but that would be a lie. (more…)

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A Fresh Approach to Yoga: Reebok and Tara Stiles

The Reebok Yoga collection brings a fresh approach to yoga. It is a collaboration that brings together the quality of Reebok apparel and the design of Tara Stiles—both changing the game in the yoga world. Unparalleled athletic gear meets pioneer of a movement. The Reebok Yoga collection is a line of stylish yoga apparel designed […]

Amelia Misses her Friends


Amelia has been experiencing a lot of a new emotions lately. A couple of months ago she started to use the word miss. She misses her schools friends, teachers, relatives and friends that live in other states, she even misses the snow. The first time she used the word miss it shocked me. How grown-up […]