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Toddler mean girls.

Toddler Mean Girls

So, before I write anything more I don’t really think these little girls are “mean girls”. They are too young to be called names or be responsible for their behavior. They must have learned it from their parents and if anything I feel bad for them BUT for the purposes of this blog post they […]


Last Friday, on the way to school I noticed my daughter limping. I asked her if she wanted to stay home and she said no. I took her shoes and pants off and looked for bruises ect. and found nothing. Then I put her shoes back on and we went out the door and she […]

Runny nose go away!

Boogers :(

A’s runny nose has been gone for about 2 weeks. We went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up and she was perfectly healthy. Then today she wakes up with a runny nose! My reaction: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO (more…)


My little brother had tons of ear infections so my childhood is filled with sad memories of him pulling his ears. Princess A, is almost 2 and I have always been so grateful that she has never had an ear infection… until NOW! (more…)



This week I received the promotion shown left, by email (ad reads: ‘During the month of July girls 15 and under can enjoy their first waxing experience and find it natural, safe and pleasant.’, and ‘50% off all girls 15 and younger.’). I am very disturbed by it. I showed it to my husband and […]