Shannon Sutherland grew up in Kansas and moved to New York City at the age of eighteen to pursue a life in the theater. She soon realized acting was not for her and gave stand-up comedy a try. She loved it and began her short but sweet stand-up comedy career that would include performances on MTV and Comedy Central. More importantly, Shannon met her husband, comedian Aaron Haber, while waiting to preform outside a comedy club on Bleecker Street. The two married in 2009 and became the Haberlands; a family that includes a Cavalier King Charles puppy and an adorable daughter.

Shannon stopped preforming stand-up comedy when she became a mom. After overcoming severe postpartum depression, she realized she still needed a creative outlet so she started blogging. Shannon had trouble thinking of a name but then one day she complained to her friends about how she got “pooped, peed, and puked on all day” and PoopPeePuke.com was born. Her personal blog chronicles her everyday struggle to stay glamorous despite the mess of having a kid. Everyday she mosts a new picture of her daughter and writes about everything from major developmental milestones to simple moments like the first time her daughter had fun playing in the sandbox.

Her writing has appeared on The Huffington Post and Kidville’s Voices from The Ville. Brand Ambassadorships include Whirlpool USA and FabKids. In September 2013, Shannon walked the runway in STRUT: The Fashionable Mom Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Shannon owns and operates World Comedy Studios with her husband, Aaron Haber. The family recently decided they were sick of the cold and moved to California. They reside in Studio City and in the summer of 2015 opened World Comedy Studios there.


Shannon Sutherland as a child. It doesn’t get any more glam than this!