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Princess A will probably kill me for posting this when she is older but I want to know what this face means. She just started doing it and this is not the best picture of it but it is the only proof I have of it’s existence. She wriggles up her nose like a rabbit […]


I am so glad it’s FRIDAY! This week was hard with Freckles being sick and my daughter having to get her blood drawn among other things! Anyway, this week I am selling some fun stuff on my ebay store. Some of the items include… Signed 100 Monkey hat size 6-12 month Signed 100 Monkey Women’s […]


Here’s Princess A playing with one of her best baby friends Lila. Everything looks calm here but this party was wild. I felt like I was hanging with the Rolling Stones and the next day I had the biggest hangover of my life and I didn’t even drink at the birthday party. My friend NiCole […]


Last week I posted about this outfit and said I was upset I couldn’t find anyone to take a picture of it. My mom brain must have spaced because I did have someone to take a picture of me. My local ice cream truck man. Here is Freckles looking at me with sad puppy dog […]