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Davlight Savings Sucks!

When Toddlers are Right

Over the weekend, we tried to explain Daylight Savings and time changes to our daughter. When she wasn’t pleased with our answers we googled it. When she wasn’t pleased with Wikipedia’s answers we were stumped and got to listen to her ask, “Why!?!”, for the rest of the evening. (more…)

soccer-freckles-4 (1)

Soccer Class

Amelia loves soccer and many people have commented to me that she is really good at it. I never played soccer when I was a kid so I don’t know where she gets her skills. She has been begging me to put her in a soccer class but now that she is in full day […]

No Pictures

Today Amelia went to school wearing some cute blue pants and a yellow bow. She looked adorable and I would love to show you a picture but I can’t because she the second I pulled out my camera she screamed, “NO!” (more…)