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How to Explain Bullying to your Frozen Obsessed Child

Bullying, it’s a four letter word in most parenting circles. The thought of their child getting bullied is many parents’ biggest fears. Unfortunately most kids will encounter it at least a couple of times in their lives. For us it happened at the tender age of three, when one of our daughter’s friends turned into […]


Facebook Pictures

Facebook came out when I was in college. I found out about it when I overheard some fellow students talking about it in my dorm. They were cool seniors. I wanted to be cool so I signed up. (more…)

Reclaim Your Memory!

The baby is finally taking his first steps, you grab your smartphone to capture this milestone and the dreaded “not enough storage” message on your phone. Don’t let this happen to you! After you edit down your pictures and weed out your music list, now it is time to trash all of those unused applications. […]


Last Friday, on the way to school I noticed my daughter limping. I asked her if she wanted to stay home and she said no. I took her shoes and pants off and looked for bruises ect. and found nothing. Then I put her shoes back on and we went out the door and she […]

Free People

DIY Arrows

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, get inspired with this video from Free People to make your own DIY arrows for a sweet decoration or alternative valentine for the one you love! (more…)