Stinker Face

Amelia is getting to be even more of a stinker. She flat out refuses to take pictures and sticks her tongue out if I try.

She spends most of her time sticking her tongue out at me actually. I guess this is what four looks like.

In two weeks, Amelia has her last day of school. She is pretty sad about it. I am excited about it because I feel like we have slowly been taking a band-aid off of her for months. I am glad we told her about the move ahead of time because it gave us all time to prepare and process the move. The only part I don’t like about is I feel like Amelia has been sad for months.

I hope that telling her so far in advance gave her the time she needed to work through her emotions so she can have fun when we get to LA. She starts summer day camp the first week which I think will be very helpful. Amelia is very social and making new friends is what she is worried about the most.


I can’t wait to see this smiling face more often.

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