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When we travel as a family there is always a dilemma. My daughter is an overpacked and once she has stuffed her backpack with toys, books, puzzles, and games she wants to add a stuffed animal. By this time, there is no room for a stuffed animal so she has to carry it. Then I spend the whole trip making sure she doesn’t leave the stuffed animal in the airport, at the hotel, or in the rental car. No fun for mom!

So when I discovered PetSac, I was really excited about the concept. PetSac, is a backpack and a stuffed animal! Now when we go on road trips, my daughter can stuff all her toys and books into the backpack and when we get to the hotel she can take her belongings out and turn the it into a stuffed animal to sleep with.
pet-sac-reviewConverting the backpack into a stuffed animal is simple. All you have to do is stuff the backpack into the back, and then use the tail to zip it up. My daughter can do it all by herself which makes her feel like a big girl.

When she cuddles with it, you can’t tell the difference between the PetSac and any other stuffed animal. It’s soft and safe for my daughter to sleep with. My daughter is thrilled with her PetSac and I am happy to not chase after her stuffed animals anymore!

A free sample was provided to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. star71 April 24, 2015 at 9:41 PM #

    That’s adorable!!!
    And would’ve come in handy after the weekend we just had…
    I’ll have to look into one of those…

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