Shannon’s Mind on Monday(MOM): Presidential Mean Tweets and Frozen 2

Amelia’s birthday week is officially over. She had a party in school on her real birthday and we finally opened all the presents. Most of her friend’s got her crafting supplies and clothes which I am so appreciative of! For some reason when she is gifted new paints and crayons she is appreciative and doesn’t turn into a gift monster.

It’s a bit warmer and Amelia is finally shaking the cold she has had for the past three months. Over the weekend she started acting very mature and helped me with everything. I don’t know if it’s because she turned four or isn’t coughing anymore but I am really thankful for her new attitude.

For those of you who live under a rock Disney announced Frozen 2.

Watch President Obama read mean tweets about himself.

My favorite kid’s label company is having a sale. 40% off Personalized Sticky Labels at Mabel’s Labels

I am really excited about moving to California but I am nervous about the whole one year of water left problem 🙁

But the Miniature Island Foxes from Catalina are pretty cute! So there’s that!

Have a good week!

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One Response to “Shannon’s Mind on Monday(MOM): Presidential Mean Tweets and Frozen 2”

  1. star71 March 16, 2015 at 8:51 PM #

    So glad she had a great birthday!!! :0)
    SO hard to believe she’s 4!!!
    They’re growing too fast…
    Ian is going through the through a fit stage… UGH!!!
    “The cup isn’t the right color, there isn’t enough chips, there’s too many chips, etc…”
    He’s driving me crazy…
    Maybe he’ll mature when he gets closer to 4… I’m hoping!!!
    I’m also hoping that he gets to start daycare again soon, I just interviewed for a FT job and I’ll know by the end of the week…
    If so he’ll get to go back… :0)
    He needs to be around some kids…

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