Shannon’s Mind on Monday (MOM): Katy Perry and Yearbooks

Happy February!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl last night and Katy Perry’s amazing halftime performance! Amelia is a huge Katy Perry fan and has already watched last night’s show a gazillion times!
I volunteered for my daughter’s school year book which was a huge mistake because my daughter hates having her picture taken. I have tons of pictures of the other kids but not many of Amelia. It’s important to volunteer at your child’s school but I will never ever again volunteer for yearbook!

On that night here’s my link links of the week…

I am obsessed with the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. PUPPIES AND PONIES I JUST CAN’T

Helen Mirren took the subway and it was EPIC

Tea Collection just released their swimwear collection for 2015.

Check out the new Concentric Collection from Warby Parker. This unique collection showcases an interior ring of color around the lens, in hues inspired by the warmth of the season.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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One Response to “Shannon’s Mind on Monday (MOM): Katy Perry and Yearbooks”

  1. star71 February 3, 2015 at 8:08 AM #

    I agree!
    I always volunteer at my children’s schools…
    I think it’s important not only for the schools to have the parents help and involvement, but for the parent as well, b/c then you also know what’s going on in the school it’s self…
    It gets harder as they get older…
    Orion, my 14yr.old being in high school, it’s hard to find volunteer opportunities for parents believe it or not… They want the students doing it all for their volunteer hours for college.
    Ian is no longer in school, so I don’t have to worry about that right now.

    I hope your next volunteering stint goes better, since Amelia still doesn’t want her picture taken… LOL

    And I agree, I enjoyed the Half Time show as well… :0)

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