Homejoy Made My Home Joyful!

I never have time to clean or go though the process of hiring a cleaner. I also rarely know until a couple days before if my family will be out of the apartment long enough for a maid to clean it. All of these reasons combined are the reason my apartment is usually very dirty.

Recently a friends suggested I try HomeJoy, an online service that lets you book certified cleaners online. I was skeptical at first about hiring a stranger form a website to clean my home but luckily I was pleasantly surprised.

First off, I love that I was able to book my Homejoy cleaning online. When your a mom you usually don’t get free time until around 10pm so it was nice that I didn’t have to worry about booking my cleaning during normal business hours. I booked my service for the same week and had the option of adding extras like laundry, stove cleaning, and inside the fridge.

On the day of the cleaning, our cleaner arrived on time with all the supplies and equipment. We have a 2 bedroom and it took about 3 hours. The price was very affordable and our apartment looked so clean it felt like it was someone else’s apartment.

My favorite part was our cleaners attention to detail with my daughter’s room. She cleaned some of the toys and put everything back so my toddler didn’t get upset when she came home. The cleaner was also very good with my dog and cleaning the ridiculous amount of hair he leaves around the apartment.

Homejoy is based out of San Francisco but has cleaners all over the country. Click Here to boom your appointment now!

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