Shannon’s Mind on Monday: Spoiled Interfaith Children and Frozen Toothbrushes

Amelia is finally back in school today and to say I am thrilled would be an understatement! This year we experienced holiday overload! She got presents from her family in New York, then we went to Kansas and she got presents there, and then there’s all the gifts that were sent to us from our friends and family who we couldn’t see this holiday season. What makes it even more crazy is that we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah… OY!

holiday overload
Also, Hanukkah is a tough holiday to celebrate without creating a present monster. The kids get gifts for 8 days!!!!! Next year I will try do take some advice from this wonderful Kveller article about gift giving during Hanukkah because this year got out of hand!

This week I found this interesting article Ny Times on the politics of parent volunteers at school.

Is your Frozen obsessed child refusing to brush their teeth? Lucky for you I found a Disney Frozen Kid Toothbrush !

I think my daughter would help me with the laundry if I bought this Frozen Hamper. Basically, I can get Amelia to do anything if Frozen is tied into it somehow.

This story about President Obama breaking toy stereotypes by making sure girls in-need received sports toys as well as pink things melted my heart this holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are on your way to recovering from them. Happy Monday!

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One Response to “Shannon’s Mind on Monday: Spoiled Interfaith Children and Frozen Toothbrushes”

  1. Jen January 5, 2015 at 12:50 PM #

    Omg same here! 8 days plus Christmas is getting crazy. I read that article and did most of them. Next year I plan on doing more gift certificates for classes like artist for a day, sewing lessons, pottery painting, jump yard etc… This year my MIL got my daughter tickets to Frozen on Ice. Perfect. Oh and not to mention stocking stuffers! My daughter does get overwhelmed with the holidays and said she needed a break. Lol! Me too!!!!!

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