(MOM) Shannon’s Mind on Mondays”: ManSpreading and Barbie

Last year Amelia asked for a dollhouse for Hanukkah. We didn’t get her one because we don’t really have the space. After a year of her asking for one we broke down and got her one and it’s giant.

dollhouse-amelia-kidcraftWe picked this one even though it is taller than her because it is called the Amelia Dollhouse and had no choice. It took me a full 5 hours to build and it was truly a Hanukkah miracle that I finished it before she was finished with school.

Now that my home is filled with tiny shoes and purses I need something to store it all in and I am thinking of purchasing this Barbie Store It All. At this point my daughter’s Barbie has more accessories than me.

When I was pregnant I had all these fantasies about what my daughter would be when she grows up and how I would help mold her. Now my goals are more simple… I want to raise her to be not an asshole. I found an article on CNN.com that gives some great tips on how to not raise a mean girl.

As an artist, I find the hardest part is to make money from it. I found this article by Amanda Palmer about art being a business thought provoking.

Man-spreading is a horrible epidemic in NY where men riding the subway spread their legs so wide that they take up two seats. The MTA has launched a campaign to end it and for the first time in my reign as a New Yorker I feel like the MTA is doing something right.

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2 Responses to “(MOM) Shannon’s Mind on Mondays”: ManSpreading and Barbie”

  1. star71 December 22, 2014 at 10:35 PM #

    That’s the most horrible thing I’ve heard of… MAN SPREADING… GROSS… LMAO…
    And as far as raising A… I think with two awesome parents that she’s going to turn out GREAT!!!
    I don’t think you’ll have to worry about her being a mean girl at all…
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and hopefully A doesn’t get too many things that overrun your apartment…

  2. storywrtr December 23, 2014 at 11:36 AM #

    Man Spreading… Okay. There’s not a better term? Okay. Can’t believe the rudeness… The uncaring… What is wrong with people?

    The house is awesome and Amelia will play with it until she’s sick of it a few years down the road. On a positive note, it’s more vertical than Horizontal space-wise. Love even more it has a bathroom! A rare fine in most Barbie houses.

    Happy Holidays!

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