Organizing your kid’s room in less than an hour!

So, organizing your kids’ room is really a task. It takes hours and hours to clean it and make it look like a livable section. However, once it’s clean, your kids enter the room and everything is in a mess again. Well, if you are fed up of this routine, here are some tips to help you feel satisfied while organizing your kid’s room.

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Seriously? You’re going to let her get away with this? I never did this when I was a puppy!

1. Remove unnecessary items: This is important because it will be a one-time task that will help you save that extra hour every time. So, have a look at each and every item in the room and throw out unnecessary items. This includes removing worn-out items too. In most of the cases, we keep worn-out items and feel that we can use it in some way or the other. Don’t do that! If you cannot repair it, it should be out of the house. If you feel that your kid’s room looks empty without it, get some new amazing items for them. Don’t worry about the cost factor. These nordstrom promo codes are here for the rescue.

2. Labels: This is important because it helps you know what is kept where. If possible label those sections with pictures. Pictures, along with a word will help you and your kid know about it. Labeling is an easy task as you have to collect cutouts and stick them on the shelves.

3. Let your kids be a part of the clean-up session: If they are helping you with this, things can be sorted easily. However, some kids do not prefer helping their mommies in cleaning up their rooms. So, use this trick. Tell them that they will get a little surprise if they help you clean-up the room. In most of the cases, they will help you. However, be true about your promise. Get a little gift for them. If needed, use these little nordstrom coupons.

4. Say ‘yes’ to see-through bins: See-through bins can help in sorting toys. So, instead of a toy box, use a see-through bin to stuff toys. 5. Be realistic: Don’t dump everything in one section. You know their capacity. So, don’t overdo it. If there are too many things in the room and there is no space for it, you should let these things go out of the room. You can stuff it somewhere else in another room. These extra items can also be donated.

6. Know what your kids use on a regular basis: If you know what your kids will use on a regular basis, you can organize these items from their point of view.

7. Stuffed toys: Your kids love it but do not use it on a daily basis. So, keep it in a way that they can be stuffed anywhere, anytime and with ease. Stuffed toys can be piled up easily, but you need to dedicate a section for it. Note: While stuffing these toys, you might spoil some of them. If that happens, don’t worry. Use these nordstrom discount coupons and buy some new ones for your kids.

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3 Responses to “Organizing your kid’s room in less than an hour!”

  1. star71 December 6, 2014 at 6:41 AM #

    We just did this and got rid of Ian’s ‘baby’ toys…
    All the ride-on’s he was too long to sit on and push anymore b/c of his long legs, etc…
    We have a great thing here on FB called Mommy Market where we can sell things like that for cheap… As we can sell our clothes too…
    It’s really nice since we don’t have any stores that buy them close to us…
    And it’s better than driving 35-40 miles to sell them… :0)

    And I was able to make room for all the birthday stuff… LOL

    • Shannon December 14, 2014 at 9:34 PM #

      I should try that group!

      • star71 December 14, 2014 at 10:14 PM #

        See if they have a local one…
        If not start one!!!
        You can make some good money back on your stuff…
        And people there won’t be as cheap as they are here, esp. w/ more name branded stuff. 0)
        Good Luck, let me know how it goes!!!

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