That Time We Cruised Like Norwegians

The Haber cruise on the Norwegian Gem!
A couple of weeks ago we packed our bags, took a cab to the west side of Manhattan, walked on a boat, and enjoyed a week long cruise aboard the Norwegian Gem. It was an amazing vacation and the fact that we didn’t have to fly on an airplane with our three year old made it so very relaxing.

We experienced so many amazing things while cruising with Norwegian Cruise Lines but the best part was that we actually got to relax. Usually, when we go on vacation we come back exhausted because we spend the whole time entertaining our toddler. She’s fun but she wakes up at 6am and doesn’t nap. On board the Norwegian Gem, there is a miracle called the Splash Academy that opens every morning at 9am. We dropped our daughter off and then got to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing and getting some much needed couples time. Some nights we even kept her in the Splash Academy until 10:30 so we could go out and party.

The first day, we were afraid that our daughter would be nervous about going to the Splash Academy but she loved it! She cried when we picked her up because she didn’t want to leave. On the last day, she preformed in a circus on the main stage. She played the role of a tiger that jumped through a ring of fire. She was so proud to be in the show and we loved getting to watch her preform on the main stage!

The Haber cruise on the Norwegian Gem!
Besides the Splash Academy, there were tons of other activities aboard the Norwegian Gem. Amelia got to meet characters from Nickelodeon, go on the giant slide, and attend PJ parties. She still talks about the cruise and can’t wait to go on another.

Oh and there were activities for adults as well! But for us the most important activities were the ones for kids because if our daughter is happy and occupied it’s so much easier for us to relax and enjoy our vacation.

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