What I Learned from #NaBloPoMo

During the month of November I participated in Blog Her’s National Blog Posting Month Challenge, which meant I had to post at least one blog a day. While I wasn’t perfect and missed couple of days, I learned a lot and I am a better blogger for it.

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1. It’s ok to not blog. Right after I signed up for this challenge, I was asked by The Moms to go on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines. At first I thought we should stay home. Amelia had school and I needed to blog. In the end we went and I missed a couple of days of blogging because it was hard to get internet on the boat but our family got a much needed vacation and enjoyed ourselves for the first time in months.

2. Plan out your posts a week in advance. I used to just sit down every day and try to think of something new to write about. NaBloPoMo forced me to plan ahead, which made writing easier. Now every Sunday night, I decided ahead of time what I will write about that week so my ideas have time to marinate and I can find blocks of time to write.

3. Family time is important. Sometimes you have to skip writing to make time for your family and that’s ok.

4. Don’t let other people stop you from writing. Someone did something very horrible to our family. I can’t really talk about it because of legal reasons and so I felt like this person took away my ability to blog. Yes, I can’t talk about the specifics but I can still write… no one can take that away from me. NaBloPoMo forced me to write a lot and my first Huffington Post blog in a long time was published as a result of this writing.

Thank you BlogHer and NaBloPoMo for teaching me to give myself a break and officially cure me of the writer’s block.

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3 Responses to “What I Learned from #NaBloPoMo”

  1. star71 December 2, 2014 at 3:56 PM #

    I’m glad that this helped you as a writer…
    That’s so important…
    And the person that did the bad things to your family will have KARMA getting them back one day…
    Hope everything takes off for y’all next year!!!

    • Shannon December 3, 2014 at 8:09 PM #

      Thanks… I hope you are right about the karma thing.

      • star71 December 3, 2014 at 8:34 PM #

        Oh most definitely…. :0)
        Hope y’all have a great holiday!!!

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