Scooters and NYC

Amelia loves her scooter and I do not.

It helps her get from place to place quickly. Sometimes so fast that I can’t keep up with her. Now we play a game where when I yell “Freeze” she has to pretend Elsa has frozen her. It works most of the time but sometimes she decided to not pay attention. When that happens, I have to give her a huge time out and take her scooter away for a day. I feel horrible but if she makes a mistake she could wind up in the street and NYC is filled with horrible drivers.

I take her to Central Park a ton so that she can scoot freely but she still wants to scoot like a crazy person on the street. Her scooting is probably one of my biggest parenting battles with her and I regret buying it for her all the time. Do you have any toys you regret buying for your children?

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