Los Angeles

los-angeles Amelia has decided she wants to move to Los Angeles because there is grass there.

But she wants to take her bedroom window with her. So she can still see the New York skyline. It would be pretty cool if she was able to do that but alas her awesome toddler idea is impossible.

I love New York but it’s really hard to live and survive here. I think it is a wonderful place to raise kids and I am so proud to be raising a New York kid. Every time she talks about moving to Lose Angeles it kills me. Of course, I work hard every day to raise a kid in one of the toughest city and she wants to grow up and move to LA. She will probably change her minds a million times before she is old enough to move anywhere but I do feel like she will one day leave NY and look back at my choices and thing, “What were my parents thinking?”. How do I know this you ask? Because kids always do the opposite.

My dad worked really hard to buy a big house that we could all live in even when we grew up and had kids and guess what? None of us live in that house. Sometimes I wonder why my daughter always wants to do the opposite of what I plan for her and then I juts look back at my childhood and wonder if it’s just part of the parent/child relationship.

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  1. star71 October 17, 2014 at 9:48 PM #

    My oldest son wants to leave our small town as well…
    Which I can’t blame him… There’s nothing here…
    He wants to be a lawyer…
    So who knows, she may want to pursue acting and LA will be the place she needs to be… :0)
    Or she’ll go the Broadway route and stay in NYC…
    You never know…
    You’ve raised her to be level headed and like you said in a tough city, she’ll know what’s right and she’ll hopefully have a foot in the door by then to make the right connections on where she needs to go.
    It’ll all work out.

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