Soccer Class

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Amelia loves soccer and many people have commented to me that she is really good at it. I never played soccer when I was a kid so I don’t know where she gets her skills. She has been begging me to put her in a soccer class but now that she is in full day school we just don’t have the time and we are on a tight budget right now.

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Luckily, we have Freckles. He loves soccer too and is able to play it with his front paws. It’s hysterical to watch. If I had more time I would get him a sports agent. So instead of putting her in a soccer class, we go to Central park and she has soccer class with Freckles.
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I am however thinking of getting her soccer classes for Hanukkah. I think she is old enough now to get a gift that is not a physical thing. She has been asking for soccer classes for so long I think she would be happy if we got her a new soccer ball and said we enrolled you in soccer classes!
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Oh and I can’t believe I am thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah! Where does the time go?

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