Catching Rain

rain Amelia is convinced umbrellas are for catching rain so now when we go outside she holds the umbrella upside down and screams, “I got you rain”. It’s cute but she gets soaking wet and if it’s chilly outside she starts to shiver. She’ll complain about being cold but when I tell her maybe if she used the umbrella the proper way that would help her but she remains unmoved.

I always think Amelia’s current age is the hardest but trust me on this 3 is very difficult! Amelia can do most things herself it’s just takes FOREVER. Things that she can’t do on her own like drive a car, ride the subway by herself, and use knives by herself she thinks she can do herself but mean mommy just won’t let her be great. I feel like I am constantly telling her no and threatening or putting her in time out.

So, I made a resolution to instead of saying no think of things she can do on her own instead. For example, I don’t want her to put the sharp knives into the dishwasher so instead of saying no I say, “How about you put the detergent into the dishwasher?”

This usually works and now I am saying no and she is throwing temper tantrums a lot less!

Unfortunately, I still haven’t thought of a solution for the catching rain situation. Hopefully, she will get tired of being cold and leaner that lesson for herself!

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One Response to “Catching Rain”

  1. star71 September 25, 2014 at 7:43 AM #

    I understand your pain…
    The NO word is a HUGE deal… It’s as if you just took their favorite toy… LOL

    Amelia looks so cute in those pictures… I love her umbrella theory, it sounds plausible…
    Ian has taken to jumping into the puddles, this is new for me… My oldest never did that, he didn’t like to get dirty… LOL

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