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Facebook came out when I was in college. I found out about it when I overheard some fellow students talking about it in my dorm. They were cool seniors. I wanted to be cool so I signed up.

At first, I used it to make friends and find out what I missed if I couldn’t make a class. Then I started to upload pictures, eventually status updates were created, and party invitations. At the time, I never understood how big Facebook would be or any of the consequences associated with putting pictures of myself online so as I result I put pictures of myself at parties on Facebook.

I’m not a big party girl but if someone saw these pictures taken out of context, it could look like all I did in college was party. As I got older, I deleted some of the pictures, but some of them were taken by other people and honestly I forgot to do anything about them because it didn’t really seem like a big deal to me.

Recently, a blogger found a picture of me from Facebook on google and used it to accompany an article. I found the picture and after I asked for it to be taken down and he took it down. Thanks again 🙂

This got me thinking about what it’s going to be like when the kids that were in college when Facebook was created get older and start to get some of the very high-up jobs. Are we going to have to deal with scandal after scandal of pictures from some politician’s college Facebook being unearthed? Are we going to have to deal with tons of media coverage about how surprise surprise people do dumb stuff in their early 20s because they don’t understand consequences? Is it unfair to judge the people that were first on Facebook because they uploaded pictures before they realized what Facebook would become?

When my daughter is a teenager, I will teach about online safety and what can happen once you upload a picture to a website you don’t own but people in their early thirties and late twenties never got that talk from their parents because no one could have imagined what social media would become. So in the next ten years, I really hope we give the generation that pioneered social media a break and not judge them for the things they put online back when Facebook only allowed college students to join.

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  1. star71 September 13, 2014 at 9:37 PM #

    I so agree…
    It’s just like when they make a big deal out of a politician having an affair or smoking pot…
    I’m always like… “Well… Aren’t they HUMAN??? How are they any different than you or me???”
    They’re not, they’re just a politician, maybe they should’ve thought about their position a little more before acting on their urges b/c of their status, but it doesn’t make them any better than us…
    Just means they should think more before acting b/c they’re supposed to be role models…

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