Learning to Swim!

Learning to Swim! One of the main things I wanted Amelia to learn this summer was to swim.

Learning to Swim!
She can hold her breath under water, float, and pretty much swim but she is afraid to do it in water where she can’t touch the ground. I have tried to get her to overcome this fear but then back off because I don’t want to push her. She loves the water and I am confident in an emergency situation she could at least float and kick herself to safety.

Besides, now she has something to work towards and maybe next summer she will get over her fear of the deep end.

When did your kids learn to swim?

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3 Responses to “Learning to Swim!”

  1. star71 August 25, 2014 at 10:14 PM #

    Ian learned last year…
    But had to overcome his fear again this year… Even though he was doing all the same things in the bath tub… LOL
    I guess it’s different when you can’t touch…
    He’s the same though he likes to stay where he can touch and has no problem going into the baby pool and swimming…
    He’s a little pro in there… He’ll go full face and swim underwater for what seems like FOREVER and dive over and over for toys…
    He’ll ever jump into the baby pool…
    Drives me crazy but I let him so he gets over that fear…
    Glad A is loving the water…
    Next time you’re on the East Coast and close to me, let me know…
    We’ve got to get our fishies together… 🙂
    And have some mommy time!!! :0)

  2. storywrtr August 26, 2014 at 2:48 AM #

    Summers ago. One, to this day, freaks out in water that is too deep. I have no idea where that fear came from, or why it’s still present…It just may be something never passed.

    The rest have no fear of water. At the beach, they go out and jump the waves and try to surf. At the pool, they’re aiming for the high dive and take the swim tests for a challenge.

    I think you are being smart with A. Don’t push her, and always be there to understand that fear. She may come out of it without fear. But if she doesn’t, I think you’ll continue to handle it like a champ.

    Good going, mama!

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