This summer, Amelia learned many things. She learned to be away from her parents everyday, swim, play sports, and make friends. She also learned to lose and while it’s no fun watching your kid loose I am really glad she got to have that experience at a fun place like camp.

She also learned to loose.
Her camp has an event called the “Color Olympics”. She was on the white Minnie Mouse team… obviously. For 2 days, they competed and on the third day the winner was announced. Amelia was so excited and wouldn’t stop cheering for her team. On the third day, the winner was announced and it was not the white Minnie Mouse team!

She also learned to loose. I am very competitive so when she told me she was upset because she didn’t win I totally understood. My gut wanted to go back in time and find away for her to win because who doesn’t want their kid to win at everything? Kids should never have to experience losing… especially not mine!

Then The Husband, reminded me that teaching your child to lose gracefully is an important life skill. No one wins all the time and while losing is no fun it’s part of life. We reminded her how much fun she had at the Olympics and eventually we all decided that the experience was so awesome that it didn’t matter that she lost.

She is still obsessed with winning and whenever she plays pretend it usually involves her winning but I am happy that her first experience losing was a learning win!

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  1. star71 August 21, 2014 at 1:31 PM #

    That’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ian is HIGHLY competitive too… He gets it from his father who was BIG into sports…
    Ian’s big thing right now is BOWLING… He LOVES to bowl… And BUBBA bowls for a Saturday league and NOW for High School team as well…
    SO Ian wants to bowl ALL the time… He’ll be happy that come the NEW YEAR he’ll be on a league too… So on Saturday mornings he’ll join Bubba at the Lanes and bowl too…
    He knows he’s not going to win all the time and we’ve gotten him to take gutter balls in stride w/ an ‘Ah Man’ and strikes and spares with HIGH FIVES and everything in between with a cheer, and you’re doing great…
    So he knows we know he’s trying… And THAT is the important thing… That they give it a try and HAVE FUN!!!

    So glad she got to experience all those great things this summer… It makes a big difference in the child’s life…
    This is what memories are made of… :0)

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