Two months ago, I asked everyone how to explain or not explain the death of a friend’s pet to Amelia. Well, she explained it for me and I was really surprised by her.

Amelia loves flowers and wants our house to be covered in flowers all the time. We buy flowers for about every occasion but like everything flowers die and wilt. When we throw the flowers out she asks why and we tell her because they are dead. One day she kept asking me over and over what happens to dead flowers and I was tired so I said something about them turning into potpourri so they could make someone’s house smell nice.

When she asked about our friend’s cat I said he wasn’t here anymore and she asked if he had wilted and turned into potpourri. For some reason, I said yes and this made her very happy. She hasn’t talked about the pet since and I feel like the imagery of a flower wilting is a very simple and age appropriate way for her to think of death.

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  1. star71 August 8, 2014 at 1:36 PM #

    I never thought about that…
    That’s a great way for her to associate it if she’s used to seeing flowers die and wilt….
    That’s perfect…
    See, you found one that worked… :0)

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