Fireman Calendar

Amelia LOVES Fireman. She loves to pretend to put our fires and waves to fireman whenever a fire truck drives by.

Right next to her school is a store that sells calendars. Every year I let her pick out a new calendar. Usually, her calendar is dog or cat related but this year she wanted a fireman calendar which would be great except it was a sexy fireman calendar. Her eyes teared up and she begged for the fireman calendar and demanded to know why she couldn’t have it. I didn’t know how to explain it and forced her to select a puppy calendar.

Unfortunately, they put the sexy fireman calendar on display for the whole month of January and half of February so every day before school Amelia threw a temper tantrum demanding a fireman calendar. We ended up telling her that the calendar wasn’t appropriate for kids and if she wants to when she is an adult she can buy one for herself. The prospect of being able to buy a calendar in the future no matter how distant that future is calmed her down and she hasn’t cried about her lack of fireman calendar since.

On the way to a playdate over the weekend, we walked by a fire station a peaked in. Firemen were there and invited us in. I thought Amelia would be talking her head of and hugging them but she was so shy. We sat in the fire truck, tried on some fire hats, and discussed fire safety. Then a fireman gave her a fireman coloring book and Amelia asked, “Mama, Is this appropriate for kids?” I said yes and cracked up. I explained the story to the fireman and they laughed too.

It was such a great unexpected moment and a wonderful way to end the Fireman Calendar Dilemma of 2014!

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2 Responses to “Fireman Calendar”

  1. Angelia August 5, 2014 at 1:55 PM #

    That is a great story. Kids come up with the darndest things.

  2. star71 August 5, 2014 at 2:20 PM #

    That’s too funny…
    Love it!!!

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