Mommy’s College

Go NYU! Usually, when I talk to Amelia about things that I did before she was born I get this expression.

Go NYU! Then last week I gave her this Hello Kitty shirt from my alma mater’s bookstore and she can’t stop asking me questions about my college days. Her favorite question is, “What was it like to go to school with Hello Kitty?”

I guess if I want to get her interested in something all I have to do is pretend a cool character did it. Maybe if I tell her Hello Kitty goes to bed every night when her mom tells her to without crying, Amelia will stop throwing temper tantrums every night at 8pm….

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  1. star71 July 17, 2014 at 2:01 PM #

    Yeah, with Ian we usually have to say ‘Bubby does this or Bubby does that’ and he’ll do it… Except with the potty training…
    Nothing has really worked on that front…
    We even tried pull ups this week b/c he’s SO tall that size 6 diapers are getting too short for him… :/
    I asked him again to wear underwear like bubba, he said “OK” and looks through his undearwear for the right ones to wear.
    After taking ALL 30 pairs out he looks at me seriously and says “Um, I don’t have the Sophia panties yet. So I can’t go pee pee in the potty”
    Hands me a pull up and waits for me to help him.
    Yeah, the boy doesn’t forget a conversation from a month ago….
    So I’ll be buying those underwear this weekend….
    I did look at every thrift store in town for some and not one had any… Of course!!!
    I even convinced my boyfriend this was the right thing to do… He was worried b/c they don’t have the penis flap… And I assured him that won’t matter, b/c he’s not going to use that for a while anyway…
    Here’s to having him onboard for the Sophia panties at least…

    Sorry it’s kind of off topic, but I had to fill you in on that… :0)

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