Super Amelia

If Amelia is dressed as a superhero and you call her “spiderman”, “superman”, or “wonder woman” she yells back, “No, I’m Super Amelia!”

I’ve always had an idea that my daughter is a superhero but this past month confirmed any doubts.

Super Amelia!This month she had no school and while she was sad about it she dealt with the change pretty well. She still misses her friends, teachers, and school but now talks about how fun it will be to see them in the fall.

Since, she wasn’t in school and we had to get work done we found week long camps to keep her busy. Each week she was thrust into a new situation with new people and adjusted very well.

When she wasn’t in camp she strolled around the city with us looking for new spaces for our comedy club. Sometimes she didn’t get to go to a playground because we had to go to a meeting or see just one more venue. I feel so guilty but maybe one day she will look back on watching her parents work hard and be inspired to do the same thing.

Last week we went to California to visit her godparents. We took odd timed flights because they were cheaper. On the way back we left at 11:30pm and arrived in NYC at 7:55am. I was so worried about this but she handled the loss of sleep like a champ and the next day took long naps in her stroller.

She also got stung by a bee in California which was a scary experience for me. Luckily, her godparents took the stinger out and she was fine. Now she brags to people in NY that she got stung by a bee because her godparents told her it’s a rite of passage.

Today, at 8am Amelia will step on a bus and not come back until 5:30pm. Where is she going you may ask? She’s going to big girl camp where she will get to play outside all day and learn to swim. She will be doing this 4 days a week for 8 weeks. While, I am excited about this I am also very nervous. We will be away from her for 9 hours a day! I know she will have fun but I can’t help but worry.

After, this summer Amelia will start school in the fall where she will be in class 8:30-3. Today marks the start of a new kind of parenting for me. A kind of parenting where I spend my days focused on my work so that when I hang out with my kid at the end of the day I can focus on her. Where my daughter spends her day with kids and teachers that are focused on a fun art project instead of a mom who is on the phone with a lawyer or real estate agent most of the day. Putting Amelia in a full day program is what our family needs right now and she is so excited about it but I am still very scared.

I know today she will walk on the bus with a big smile thrilled about getting to climb trees, play soccer, and swim. I will wave to her with a smile and once she’s out of sight cry a little before I go to work. I know my daughter will be fine but I’m not so sure about me. I will probably call the camp 5 times today. I also know, as weeks go on I will start to love this new setup. It will be so nice to hang out at the end of the day knowing I was able to get all my work done while she spent hers playing and learning.

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3 Responses to “Super Amelia”

  1. star71 June 30, 2014 at 3:27 PM #

    That’s SO awesome!!!
    I wish we had programs like that around here… for Ian’s age… They’re all for the older kids…
    For younger kids they just don’t do those things unless they’re already in elementary school.

    It stinks that you’re still having problems finding a place for your Comedy Club… Sending you the best of luck and well wishes that something will pop up soon.

    And yes, while it’s nerve wracking to send them off to school, it is also freeing… I so want to put Ian into a program…
    For the first time last week he told me he didn’t want to goto the babysitters house.
    He point blank told me ‘HE IS BORED!’
    It broke my heart… I drag him to McD’s on most hot afternoons b/c most of our parks are NOT covered (yes, some genius’ in the state of FLORIDA we have) and so they’re very hot in 100+ temps. not to mention the humidity and mosquitoes and he plays with new friends everyday for about an hour or more depending on how nice the kids are.
    I dread going there though b/c it’s so yuck!

    I’m glad Amelia is enjoying camp and making new friends, kids are much more resilient than we are, so enjoy your free time to get work done and cherish the night time snuggles from her missing you all day.

    Oh! LOVE the Super Amelia at the beginning too… That was awesome!!! :0)

    • Shannon July 2, 2014 at 8:17 PM #

      In NYC we have these because most people don’t have backyards and working parents need something to do with their kids in the summer.

      I can’t believe your parks aren’t covered! Do they at least have sprinklers?

      • star71 July 2, 2014 at 11:09 PM #

        Hahahahaha!!! Nope!!!
        No sprinklers, no splash pads… Nada!!!!
        Go figure, in Florida you’d think we would…

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