Happy Dance

One of the best things about hanging out with a three year old all day, is that they are happy for most of the time.
Yes, three year olds throw irrational temper tantrums sometimes but for the most part they are able to smile and laugh for very simple reasons.

Be happy! My daughter breaks out in song and dance randomly. Every flower, dog, and bird she sees make her smile. She makes friends wherever she goes and sometimes those conversations crack her up. Of course, it’s easier for her because she doesn’t have to worry about adult problems but sometimes I wish I could live in the moment like my toddler so that all the small things in life would make me smile.

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2 Responses to “Happy Dance”

  1. star71 June 18, 2014 at 8:14 PM #

    I know.
    I love watching Ian playing and making new ‘friends’ at the parks.
    We encountered our first MEAN kid yesterday. I actually think the kid had anger issues.
    I told Ian to just stay away from him.
    The boy got in Ian’s face and Ian called him ‘bad’, the boy screamed at Ian like a friggin’ crazy person and the mom didn’t do anyhthing! She was too busy with her smaller child and when I looked at her again, afraid her kid was going to get violent w/ Ian, she had a lit cigarette on the playground. I lost it!!!
    I got Ian off the playground and told him we’d go to another park b/c of the bad kid and the mom w/ the cigarette.
    Ian was funny… He said “Yeah, that stick stinks mom. It makes my nose itch.”
    The mom didn’t even say a word. And she almost burnt her own kid in the head!!!

    But the other park proved to be just as much fun even if every bug found me and decided to bite me there… :/

  2. storywrtr June 19, 2014 at 11:21 AM #

    She’s so future cheerleader there! Go Elsa!

    Everyone can learn from this carefree three year old attitude. It’s what the best stuff in life is made from.

    Have a break out song and dance today…with or without Miss A…just a moment of total fun…that carefree spirit should find you there. Smile and have a great day, Shannon.

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