Hi, Summer!

It finally feels like summer and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This is the first summer in awhile I have fully appreciated because it’s the first summer I have had a school aged child.

Hi, Summer!
At first, Amelia was sad about school being over. She cried the last day of school and took tons of pictures of her teachers to put in her memory box. Then she realized no school means she can go to the playground twice in one day, the city turns the sprinklers on, and we have more time to visit her grandparents. Sometimes we even go to the beach near her grandparents house! Once she realized this she was thrilled.

The only negative is, it’s hard to schedule playdates. Many of her friends visit family in the summer and are out of town now. Luckily, she will be at the same school in the fall so it’s not like she will never see them again but to a 3 year old the fall is basically a lifetime away. I guess this summer will be a lesson in how to deal with your feelings when you miss your friends. Or maybe I just need to make sure we have so much fun as a family she doesn’t have time to miss her friends?

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3 Responses to “Hi, Summer!”

  1. star71 June 3, 2014 at 1:14 PM #

    It’s awesome she’s having fun w/ school and dance both closed for the summer.
    We have a local group through Facebook called Mommy Market and we do get together’s at parks, firestations, etc… And our local theater’s have free or reduced days during the summer for kids movies. Parents and kids are free.
    Today was the first day and it was Hotel Transylvania. Ian’s first real movie, he did pretty good, thank goodness it was free, b/c he was a little antsy at the end…
    But maybe check-out your FB and see if there’s anything like that there…
    We’ve got the firestation in a few weeks, I’m just now getting more involved with Ian.
    He really needs more interaction w/ kids.
    Until I can afford daycare, I’ll be doing this…
    And at least I’m there experiencing things w/ him… Which is what I prefer…. Oh to have the money to be a SAHM only… I’d love that… :0)

    • Shannon June 3, 2014 at 8:51 PM #

      yeah… SAHM only without working from home as well would be a dream. the good new is I am always with Amelia and the and new is I am always with Amelia lol. When she was ins school it was three mornings a week for 2 hours so I didn’t get much work done. today I was on a business call and the woman was like, “what is going on?” and I said, “oh that’s just my 3 year old kicking a ball into the wall over and over.”

      • star71 June 3, 2014 at 10:43 PM #

        Yeah, that’s the bad part… Trying to get phone calls done when you’re a SAHM…
        And 2 hrs. isn’t nearly enough time to run errands and make phone calls, etc…
        I feel ya, I’m w/ Ian ALL the time as well…
        I wished we lived closer, we could give each other breaks… :0)
        Sending you some positive vibes for all that’s going on in your lives right now and wishing you ALL the best!!!

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