My Teddy

My teddy! Amelia looks very innocent here and almost angelic but don’t be fooled…

My teddy! Lately, she has been stealing a lot of Freckles’ toys. She has so many toys it’s ridiculous that she feels the need to steal his. A while ago she gave him the teddy bear in the picture above. Freckles loves this bear and cuddles with it. Usually, when she steals his toys he lets her keep it but not with this teddy. He loves it so much and tries to get it back.

My teddy! Amelia usually wins unless I intervene. When this happens Freckles gets mad and steals a pair of her sparkly princess shoes….

They really are like siblings.

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One Response to “My Teddy”

  1. star71 May 20, 2014 at 12:33 PM #

    That’s too funny!
    We have the same problem here!!!
    Ian and Radar like to steal each others toys as well…
    Must be a toddler thing!!!

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