Spider-Man 2 Date Night

After opening up a comedy club together, The Husband and I were in desperate need of a date night. So when I got the invitation from The Moms to go to a screening for Spider-Man 2 and watch the red carpet premier festivities I said yes within seconds.

We got to stand in the bleachers and watched all the stars of the film get interviewed before they went into the Ziegfeld for the premiere. My favorite part was watching Spiderman do stunts on a mail truck and deliver the mail superhero style!

Next we went to The Sony Screening Room to watch Spider-Man 2! My husband LOVES Spiderman and knows all about him, I on the other hand know nothing about him or his films. We were both able to enjoy the film and I even understood the plot even though I never saw the first Spider-Man.

I have seen a ton of 3-D movies because my father-in-law owns a movie theatre and Spider-Man 2 was by far the most well done. The action sequences were like nothing I had ever seen before.

spider-man 2
My favorite part of the movie was… Spider-Man of course. Peter Parker is just a likable character. He’s a normal kid from Queens who just happens to have some super powers. Andrew Garfield did a wonderful job of showing the goofy side of Spider-Man that made me feel like anyone can be superhero.

If you are looking for a fun movie I would definitely check out Spider-Man 2… and lucky for you it opens today!

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