Castle Tantrum

The club opening has been exciting and hard on all of us.

wonder woman

Tough Amelia before the storm hit

Amelia doesn’t like that we are working and has been acting out. She also doesn’t understand why she can’t come to the comedy shows at night. It’s hard.

She gets really upset when daddy leaves for work or I have to take a phone call and then finds something random to get mad about and sticks to it forever.

For example, after her awesome birthday party daddy had to go to work at the comedy club. Our whole family stayed with her while she opened her gifts with friends. She opened a gift that had a Rapunzel doll and started playing with it. Last year, it took her all summer to open all her birthday gifts but this year was different. After, playing with this doll for 1 minutes she asked for a castle. I told her Rapunzel could live in the castle she already has. Amelia didn’t like this answer and dove head first into the presents and opened them in about 30 seconds. Each time she opened a gift she hoped there would be a castle but of course there wasn’t. When she had opened all the gifts she started searching the apartment for more. After her search failed, she just started screaming about Rapunzel needs a house to live in with her family…. so then of course she started to look for a Rapunzel mommy and daddy doll.

The fit was so bad, my sister started to look for Rapunzel castles and parent dolls on ebay. There were none and I told my sister to stoop looking; Amelia got tons of awesome gifts she doesn’t need anymore. After my family left she kept talking about how she needed a daddy doll for Rapunzel and a castle. It was so heartbreaking to watch this and I didn’t know what to do so I just held her and let her ride her emotions out.

This is just one example of the tantrums Amelia has been having lately. I don’t really know how to handle them. Do you have any advice? Should I just let her deal with her feelings and cry it out or get involved? Sometimes when i try to talk to her about her feelings she gets madder. On the other hand, I don’t want her to feel like I don’t care.

So what do you do when your child throws a major tantrum?

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2 Responses to “Castle Tantrum”

  1. Jess April 3, 2014 at 5:12 PM #

    I’d keep trying to talk to her about it but if she doesn’t want to, let her know that’s ok. But if she ever does want to talk about it she can.I would try hard not to give in to whatever she is superficially angry about at the time. You obviously know the real cause and that she’s dealing with her emotions and missing her daddy being home at night and all these new things going on. Warren has only really ever thrown a huge tantrum over me washing his hair, it was out of the blue and he scratched my arm really bad. My mom had to help hold him in the tub while I quick washed his hair and then told him he could get out. I think the best thing you can do is ride it out and let her deal with her emotions on her own if she won’t talk to you. It will take a little while to get used to the new routine, but in time I’m sure she’ll adjust.Hopefully she’ll open up to you soon and you can help her.

    • Shannon April 7, 2014 at 10:06 AM #

      Thanks for the advice!!!!!!!

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