I’ve never had a clean apartment but I have always been obsessed with having one.

shannon sutherland

Seriously? You’re going to let her get away with this? I never did this when I was a puppy!

It stresses me out that my apartment is a mess but I honestly have no time to clean it. I am opening up a comedy club, raising a daughter, writing a blog, being a wife, a mother, and trying not to go crazy. When I have free time… HA! I have no free time.

I tell myself that I don’t have to have a clean apartment but I do have to open up a comedy club. Eventually, my daughter will be in full day school so it will be easier to keep things clean. I should just accept that my life is crazy at this moment but I can’t. I want to have my busy exciting life and have a clean apartment.

When my daughter goes on playdates many of the apartments are spotless because these families have maids. I know this but I still beat myself up and compare my apartment to these apartments. I can’t afford a maid so it’s unrealistic for me to expect my apartment to be as clean as one that is consistently professionally cleaned but I can’t help myself. I want a magic fairy to come and clean my apartment up for FREE! Why can’t this happen.

So besides opening up a comedy club one of my new goals is to not care if my place is a mess. I really think I need to cut myself some slack but I don’t know if I will be able to…. any tips? Can you relate?

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5 Responses to “Clean”

  1. star71 March 12, 2014 at 1:28 PM #

    UGH! I can so relate!!!
    My table and breakfast bar are the catch all and it bugs the HELL out of me, and you know what??? It catches ALL my crap!!!
    B/C I don’t have time to go through the piles of junk mail or the little extra’s from the apartment that are left on the door.
    Once every couple of months I’ll get it cleaned up nice and pretty and have a REAL table and then BAM! 2 days later it’s a mess!!!
    I blame it on lack of storage in my apartment, if I had ample storage crap wouldn’t be laying everywhere. (but who am I kidding)…..
    I’m a collector of pens, I have tons of them, the collection grows and grows. I also love having my pictures on display, so that makes it look crowded.
    And until they outgrow ALL the big bulky toys I don’t think there’s a lot of hope for us… Or until we have our magic fairies or the money for a maid, we’ll have to live with our semi-clean apartments.
    Don’t worry or stress over it, just teach A the importance of picking up after herself so she helps at her playdates and you’re good.
    Life’s stressful enough!!!

    PS) My first hubby was OCD, I had to have the perfectly clean house and my first son wasn’t allowed to make a mess w/ the toys, so it was really stressful and playdates were a no go at our house. TRUST ME, HAVE FUN, BE MESSY, IT’S FUNNER!!!

    • Shannon March 12, 2014 at 8:54 PM #

      Our apartment is straight and she cleans up at the end of the day. it’s just covered in dog hair and if you open a closet look out lol

      • star71 March 12, 2014 at 9:26 PM #

        I know some toddlers have an aversion to cleaning up, so that’s awesome that she will.
        Ian has his moments… Hot Wheels are usually the worst b/c there’s a million of them on the floor at one time…
        I don’t have to worry about dog hair, Radar doesn’t shed too much, just this time of year and it’s usually on my clothes… LOL
        Fine little hairs…

  2. Francesca March 12, 2014 at 4:04 PM #

    Yes, I know, what you mean. My apartment looks like after a hurricane on most days. I try to clean it once a week. But my JJ turned it into a mess again in three hours (or at last one day…).
    Its like a fight between us: I try to keep the apartment clean and he do his best do make it mess. I´m glad, its just the two of us, so I shouldn´t bother it too much. And because I clean kindergartens or other buildings everday I don´t want to do it at home.

    On the other hand cleaning the apartment is good against my depression, because it means I still pay attention to the place I live.

    I don´t think you should have a guilty conscience about this. As long as it is not dirty I wouldn´t bother a little mess too much. I mean, it´s a place where a family live and so it can´t be “sterile”. And as you said: You raise a kid, have a husband and will open a club soon. And you have to do all this by yourself.

    So, keep focus on these things and don´t let drag yourself down by the thought, you should have a tidy apartment. Its a home, not a museum. And as long as you can see the floor, everythings okay. 😉

    Well, at least that´s what I thinking.

    • Shannon March 12, 2014 at 8:55 PM #

      “It’s a home. Not a museum.” I LOVE that!

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