You know how I said my daughter hates having her picture taken?

Well she does. Unless, Freckles is around that is!
Dog Kisses

She begs me to take pictures of her with Freckles. They have such a bond and the cutest part is what she calls him. When she was younger she couldn’t make the “fr” sound and called him Seckles. Now that she is older, I know she can say Freckles if she wanted to because she says Frozen all the time, but for some reason she says Seckles.

After lots of thought I have decided to stop doing the daily outfit pictures of A. She will still be on the blog. It just won’t be daily and I sill start talking more about what we are up to with the club and how it is effecting our family dynamic.

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2 Responses to “Seckles”

  1. Vicki February 26, 2014 at 8:57 AM #

    Look at it this way– she’s less dependent now & it gives you time and comfort to go into your own pursuits. Good job! I’ll miss the outfit of the day, but it’s served it’s purpose for you & your readers. True fans of the blog will follow with your journey. Even if you only blogged 1 or 2x a week I think that’s understandable

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