Now that I wear glasses regularly I understand the need for fashionable glasses. You wear them everyday so why not have something you are proud of?

Unfortunately, many options for fab specs are very expensive. That’s why I am so happy that I recently discovered Warby Parker!

Their glasses are hip and much more affordable than traditional options. You can buy them online or in a Warby Parker store. If you decide to use the in-Home try on option you are sent five pairs of glasses that you select. When you have decided which ones you like you just send them back in a a box with a return shipping label. I like this option because I never have time to go to a store because of my daughter’s busy schedule and besides… I don’t even want to know how many pairs of glasses she could break at a physical glasses store.

I will be doing a in-Home try on soon and will share my experience with you but for now check out for more information!
Warby Parker Holcomb Eyeglasses - Oak Barrel

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