For me?

I was sent 2 bags for myself from Austin Yarn Company. The first is a lightweight and cute messenger bag.

austin-yarn-company-messanger-1 (1)


It was really hard to take pictures of this because of course Princess A decided the bag belonged to her.

austin-yarn-company-messanger-2 (1) This bag has ample room to store tons of goodies for myself and Princess A. Lately, I haven’t been using my diaper bag at all. It is big, bulky, and I am just plain sick of it. Princess A needs less paraphernalia than before so now I just put a diaper and some wipes in a normal bag. This messenger bag worked perfectly.

When it comes to whether I buy organic products for myself I tend to skimp. Organic can be expensive and I would rather spend my money on organic items for my baby and puppy. But this bag is $72, durable, and cute. So I would definitely splurge on myself by buying this bag! To view this bag and many others CLICK HERE to check out Austin Yarn Company.

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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