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Princess A has a new purse!

When Princess A got this purse from Austin Yarn Company the first thing she did was put it on her arm.

austin-yarn-company-toddler-purse-2 (1) Then she kissed me, grabbed my keys, and said “Bye”. She loves to do this!

austin-yarn-company-toddler-purse-3 (1) She goes through the exacts same motions I do when I leave the apartment.

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My baby purse!

I love that she copies me which is why I always think about her with every move I make. If she’s going to copy me I want to be able to use this to my advantage while I can.

I try to be polite, read tons of books, and be kind to our earth among other things. The environment has become even more important to me since becoming a mother. I want my daughter and all the animals she loves to have a healthy place to live in. I try to only buy organic products but it can be costly. I wish price didn’t matter but when you have a toddler and dog to support you can’t just spend money thoughtlessly. About 50% of the products are organic and from companies that are kind to the earth. I wish that number was 100%, but I just can’t afford it. Maybe one day I will be a millionaire and be able to buy only organic products.

For now, I talk to my pediatrician about what products are the most important to buy organic. She says fruits like bananas and oranges don’t have to be organic because the edible part of the fruit is covered in a peel. She suggests saving money by buying non organic with fruits with peels so you can buy organic fruits without peels like apples and berries. Generally, I don’t buy many organic clothes or accessories because I feel like because they are worn on the outside it is better to spend my money on edible products. Also, organic fashion items tend to be pricey.

That’s why I was really when I found out about Austin Yarn Company. They have been around since 2007 and make eco-friendly handbags with 100% organic sustainable wool felt. They also make toys for dogs and babies. The best part is their purses are affordable and cost between $24 and $72! Which is why I am so excited to share this company with you! I will be posting more about Austin Yarn Company throughout the week so stay tuned! In the mean time check out…

Austin Yarn Company’s Twitter

Austin Yarn Company’s Facebook Page

Austin yarn Company’s Website

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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  1. melissa October 31, 2012 at 8:33 PM #

    That is so cute!

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