Princess A’s new obsession is Minnie and Mickey Mouse. We have no idea how this happened but one day she woke up and whenever she saw mouse ears she started screaming and giggling.

This year I was really looking forward to taking Princess A to all of the New York City department store Holiday Windows. We will be skipping Barney’s if they don’t change their current display.

They have partnered up with Disney and put Minnie Mouse in a Lanvin dress. The disturbing part is that they have changed her body to look like a 5’11” size 0. While there is nothing wrong with being tall and thin why change one of the few female Disney characters that isn’t unrealistically thin?

As a child I was always upset because I was not as thin as the Little Mermaid. For some reason I was able to understand that fish, seagulls, and lobsters can’t talk in real life but was unable to grasp that Arielle’s perfect body was also fiction.

This is why I am so happy that a petition has been created and am asking you to help get enough signatures to make a difference by taking the time to sign this petition.

Thank You!

Shannon Sutherland

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