It’s starting to get cold in New York but it’s still sunny.



Some days I feel closer to my daughter than ever and sometimes I feel like a stranger.


I love you to death

Most of the time Princess A is the most agreeable and fearless kid ever. She is all smiles and giggles. Then some days it’s as if everything scares her and makes her cry. The only thing that makes her happy is being unhappy and saying no. I try not to take it personally and understand that she is growing up and this is how you grow up. But I still hate seeing her upset.


Finally a Yes!

Yesterday, we were in tumble class and she wanted to go on the balance beam. I held her waste and helped her balance. Halfway through she pushed my hands off her waist. She did well for a couple of steps and then started to wobble.

    “Amelia, would you like me to help you on the balance beam?” asked her mother.

    “Nah Nah NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” as she shook her head no.

    “Would you like to loose your balance and fall off the balance beam because you refused my help?” asked her mother aka her captor.

    For the first time in Amelia’s life she nodded yes. Seconds after this miracle happened hell froze over, there was a parade of flying elephants on 5th Avenue, and the ambassador for The Arguing States of Toddlers announced at the United Nations building that toddlers all over the world have agreed that their new favorite word is Yes.

Ok, well that last paragraph was an exaggeration but yesterday in tumble class was the first time I saw Princess A say yes to anything that isn’t food, Olivia the Pig, or puppies. It was truly shocking.

It made me see that I really need to accept the stage that Princess A is in right now and realize that it has nothing to do with me… my daughter’s just working things out for herself and would like to work it out all by herself even if she falls in the process.

Pants- Tea Collection

Shoes- Toms

Shirt- Harajuku Mini for Target

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland


  1. hobee1971 October 13, 2012 at 7:52 PM #

    She looks so pretty with the sun shining on her curls! Love the shirt to death. It’s terrible when the babies turn into little kids. It makes you want to wrap them up and hang on tight. Unfortunately you can’t, but she’ll always need her mom, just not in the same way!

    • Shannon October 13, 2012 at 10:35 PM #

      I know… so bittersweet!

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