OLIVIA would so wear this dress!

Dare-devil colors and patterns are in this autumn along with feminine styles. Tones of berries and fine wines, grape and burgundy, violet and even oxblood are all the rage and will be filling up display windows of all the hip stores. Although such colors may seem bold and daring they are easily mixed with comfortable, practical more neutral colored pieces so that moms can look the part whilst being perfectly able to carry out their duties!


I love the ruffle on this blouse!

As a mom you may think that keeping up with what is ‘in’ this season is just not possible whilst juggling all other pressing areas of your life! You may feel like you put on a ‘mum uniform’ everyday; jeans, flat shoes, jersey tops of some sort and a jumper/cardigan because the likelihood of pretty, perhaps more feminine clothing getting dirty or stained is just too high. However, key pieces of clothing in your wardrobe make being stylish and achieving a feminine ‘look’ possible. Femininity is both a key theme this autumn and a key element to achieving that feel good factor as a woman!


Zippidy Doo Dah Zippedy Ah My Oh My What A Wonderful Skirt!

Typical articles of clothing that outline the feminine silhouette include pencil skirts, high-waisted items and simple dresses. They can be as comfortable and simple as you like, they form a basis of clothing that, when mixed with the berry (or any) tones, make you the most fashionable mom in town!


You’re a Fab Lady Charlie Brown

Looking feminine does not have to equate to getting up even earlier, curling your hair and wearing silly high-heels and spending time on make-up, all pretty impossible if you have kids to get up too! Feeling good and wearing clothes that enhance a feeling of womanliness are the foundations of looking good. Bright, vibrant colors like those reds in this autumn enrich the variety of your wardrobe and bring positive, joyful tones to your wardrobe which, in turn makes you feel good.

Red is not a colour to shy away from. Indeed, days exist at certain times of the year when people wear red to support a cause, such as the UK’s national ‘Wear Red Day’ which takes place every February 25th run by the British Heart Foundation. A similar day takes place in the US on the 1st of February every year raising awareness for women about heart disease. Simple combinations change a ‘uniform’ outfit into an eye-catching, womanly outfit that will make you feel great.


I heart red!

Red tops are perhaps the easiest option to keep up with the autumnal style. Flowy t-shirts, fitted long-sleeved tops, shirts of various shades, tunic tops with peplum, lose knit comfortable tops, whatever your style; these are all bold, bright winners with jeans and skirts. Jeans and flat shoes is a wonderful combination. Red tops are also worn perfectly over leggings, another comfortable, practical option.



Make-up is important but not essential. Over the years you will have learnt what suits your complexion and how to apply it. Change is also positive. Don’t be afraid to go for bright tones of lipstick such as red or accessories a little bolder than you would usually wear. Bringing color to your wardrobe this autumn will brighten up your day to day outfits and how you feel about yourself.

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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  1. Melody October 5, 2012 at 4:31 PM #

    Pretties! I really like the oufit with the red shirt with the heart on it.

  2. snarkysarcasticbish October 5, 2012 at 5:49 PM #

    RED RED RED RED RED I freaking love red, I love fall

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