You know what’s cuter than a newborn baby Tapir?


Piggy Back Ride!

A baby monkey taking a piggy back ride on a tapir!!!

It’s been a hard week. Princess A’s canine teeth are being difficult. This morning I noticed one has broken through. Thank Goodness! At least we are making some progress! My website is still acting up so I apologize for any issues you are having. And I am just plain tired!

I am following some Tapir groups on twitter and found this video of a baby tapir with her parents. The baby tapir is so cute and reminds me of Princess A. This video taught me a very important lesson; no matter where you are from, how much money you have, or what species you are your child will always be faster than you.

Oh and baby tapir stop pestering your mom and go to sleep. I saw you trying to wake her up at the end of the video. Not cute, cute baby tapir!

Enjoy your weekend!

Shannon Sutherland

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