I love Murray!

I have talked about Princess A’s love for dogs and her inability to support Mitt Romney because of his cruel treatment to his dog Seamus. For more information on this please check out Dogs Against Romney.

Recently, SuperGlamFan Melody alerted me to Mitt Romney’s plan to cut funding for PBS if elected. I did some research and Melody is right Mitt Romney wants to eliminate funding for PBS which basically means Big Bird, Oscar, and Elmo will actually be living on the streets of Sesame Street.

Not only does this make me sad as a mom but it just isn’t an effective plan. As the CEO of PBS Paula Kerger has said, federal funding for public broadcasting makes up for one one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget and while this while probably have no effect on the national debt it would be a devastating loss for children everywhere.

When I first read this I thought, Maybe if Mitt Romney spent less time being mean to his dog and more time watching Sesame Street he would understand basic math and that this plan just doesn’t add up? Our children are already far behind kids in other countries. Why cut funding for something that has proven to help children learn for generations? Especially, if it is going to have a small to non existent effect on our debt?


Murray has a little lamb

My daughter had colic when she was a newborn. She cried all day for 3 months. When we let her watch Sesame Street something about Murray made her stop crying and smile. Murray is a new character and he basically hangs out on the streets of New York and asks people questions. He also has a pet lamb. It’s a really cute segment and now that my daughter is older not only does it make her laugh but it helps her learn. If she didn’t get to see Sesame Street every day and watch Murray what would I tell her?

I try not to get swept away with the drama of elections and to just look at the facts. It’s been really hard for this election. Whenever I go on facebook or twitter my feed is cluttered with pictures of dogs, Sesame Street characters, and now chairs. I’m not complaining because I like it when my friends share their opinions with me but I just find it odd that the race for the most important job in our country involves puppets and puppies. It’s starting to feel like Mitt Romney is waging a war on cute.

What’s next? Well, my dog is well-connected and knows dogs on the inside. He just found out that Mitt Romney’s new idea is if he is elected he will tell the children of America that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and make it illegal for parents to buy their kids gifts from “Santa”. For far too long parents with little money, that are in America illegally, and don’t have driver’s licenses have been using what little money they have to buy their kids toys and saying it is from Santa Clause. If these parent’s used the $25-$100 they would have spent on their kid’s Christmas gifts and put it towards eliminating our debt it would be fixed in no time. Because why should the top 1% be effected when we can just take toys away from kids?

That’s Been This Week’s PoopPeePuke Politics!

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  1. Melody August 31, 2012 at 2:43 PM #

    Before my fiance had told me about this, I was considering not voting at all. I know, lame, but now I don’t know if I can just sit here and be offended and angry at his comments and actions and not at least try to do something. Especially considering as how I voted last elections and I wasn’t a mother then and I feel that it’s just as important now as it was then for me to vote. Heck, it’s probably even more important now.

    • Shannon August 31, 2012 at 6:30 PM #

      It’s important to vote but no one is perfect. I forgot to vote for the first election that I was allowed to basically because I was in college, lazy, and didn’t remember to register.

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