Happy Baby

This is Princess A when she was around 5 months old during her baby yoga class. For the first 6 months of her life we took tons of Mommy and Me yoga classes. It gave me a chance to workout while bonding with my baby. Princess A thought the sight of me doing yoga was hilarious and smiled for the first time while I was in a full wheel. Tons of the poses ,like the one pictured above, came naturally for Princess A and the other babies in her class. It shows how pure we are born but somehow along the way we learn bad posture, shallow breathing, and absent-mindedness.

I love yoga, especially hot yoga, but it is very new to me. In school I played sports and after school I ran on the treadmill for a work out. Once I became pregnant it was very hard on my body to run and I felt like I needed something more. So when I was 6 months pregnant I took my first yoga class and I was hooked. Not only did it give me a good workout but it taught me how to breath and clear the clutter in my head. One of the main reasons I love yoga is because it is truly a lifelong sport.

Babies as young as 3 months old can do “happy baby”. No one tells them to do this they just like their feet and the stretch must feel nice to them. Pregnant women can do yoga up until they give birth and many women use yoga to help them in labor. In my yoga class there is a 90 year old woman and a man in chemotherapy. If something is too difficult for them they just hang out in downward dog. Sometimes the man undergoing chemotherapy spends most of the class in child’s pose or downward dog. He told me that even if he just lies on his back for the whole class he still finds peace and learns something new about himself.

Because of this and many other reasons I wish I had started yoga earlier. But what I wish even more than that is for yoga to be taught in schools.

Most schools have team sports and physical education classes. The goal is to help children realize that physical activity is important. The problem is most of these sports are team sports that require objects. Most people don’t have their own football field. They also don’t live with a whole football team. If a child has been playing football for a workout for most of their life what will they do when they go to college? Hopefully, they will find a new activity but why not teach children a way to workout that they can do anywhere at any age?

To do yoga you don’t really need anything. Mats are nice but you don’t have to have one. Blocks help too but you can always improvise and use books or something similar. All you need is an open mind and body and you are set. If yoga was taught in schools not only would we be teaching our children a lifelong sport but we would save money. Imagine how many books, teachers salaries, and computers we could afford if we didn’t spend so much money on sports that cost a lot of money but are a horrible long term investment.

I love softball, basketball, and volleyball. I have a lot of found memories of playing these sports in school. I also realize that saying there should be only yoga class at every school in the country is a bit extreme but isn’t it also a little extreme that we teach or children sports that are very difficult to continue after they receive their high school diploma?

I think the answer lies somewhere in between. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this will happen by the time my daughter is ready for school which is why my husband and I have enrolled her in a family yoga class. It starts this fall and we are very happy that we will be able to work out together and teach our daughter a psychical activity that she can practice her entire life.

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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